Toilet Cleaner Gel


Toilet Cleaner Gel Flower Efficient Aromatic Deodorant Disinfection Automatic Lasting Bathroom Fragrance Remove Dirt Clean Tools



Material: Plastic Gel
Capacity: 48ML
Application: Toilet
Principle: Through water flushing, a small amount of gel dissolves and emits fragrance


– Flower Aromatic Toilet Gel
– Natural and fresh, remove odors and leave no traces
– Plant fragrance, environmentally friendly gel
– Clean the toilet to form an anti-fouling film, full of fresh fragrance
– New large-capacity design, 12 flowers
– Convenient and quick to use, just gently squeeze
– Suitable for a variety of toilets

Flower toilet cleaning gel, remove odor, strong decontamination, sterilization and disinfection

Upgraded toilet cleaning gel, deodorant and antibacterial

The toilet is not cleaned properly, it is very easy to breed bacteria

Flower cleaning gel, say goodbye to odor, clean dirt, and pleasant fragrance

Flowers will stick to the toilet wall and will be automatically cleaned when flushing, no need to brush

Each small flower can be flushed about 50 times, 12 flowers at a time, can be used for about 12 weeks

With one touch, one flower at a time, sticks to the toilet wall, automatically cleans, bids farewell to odors, and reduces bacterial growth

The card point is newly upgraded, and the card position is accurate

Plant formula, healthy and environmentally friendly


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