Hot Chocolate Machine


Commercial Hot Chocolate Machine 10L Drinking Hot Chocolate Dispenser Milk Tea Soy Bean Coffee Wine Dispenser Kitchen Appliance



Hot chocolate dispenser machine hot tea,coffee,milk,soup,hot wine dispenser

Product Description



Frequence: 50/60HZ

Heat power: 400W

Motor power: 40W

Cold-beverage temperture: 30 to 90 degree

Shape size:400*320*570mm

Carton packing:420*360*600mm

Net weight:7KG

Gross weight: 10KG

This product is designed to serve hot chocolate and tea Coffee, milk, thick soup, hot wine and other drinks.

Four slide compact design Simple operation,

Ultra wide, now waving leaves. Make the temperature of the drinking station more uniform and not easy to stick.

Efficient and fast electronic heating system, the heating is expected to be between 30c-90c.

The LED wave crystal screen displays the temperature and working state again Du gauge switch makes the temperature of the machine clear all day. All plastic mail is made of edible PC material, which is not easy to break and easy to clean first.

Stainless steel is used to heat the container and the accompanying shaft when food is sucked Safety Heat transfer and ship performance.


1. Sleek and compact design,easy operation.

2. Electronic heating system with a wide controller range of temperature from 30-90 ceti-degree, fast and efficient.

3. LED liquid crystal display and touch switch make the temperature clear at a glance.

4. Stronger mixing paddle drives the beverage uniformly and no-stick

5. All the plastic are food grade PC, and all the parts are environment friendly.

6.Food grade 304 stainless steel base plate with thermal protector

7. We have been in this line for about 10 years; our customers are over 20 countries. We always supply the best service after-sale. can supply hot chcolate,tea,coffee,milk,soup,hot wine and so on

9.Widely used in bars,hotels, restaurant,coffee hall, enterprises,institutions ,drink shops,movie theatre and so on

1. < Chocolate beverage dispenser >

This machine 5L and 10L capacity will be more than enough to satisfy your entire family.

2.Temperature control

The temperature of beverage can be set between 30°C and 90°C; For the best results, it’s best to keep the temperature set at 60°C.

3.Digital display

It’s easy to read. Digital display will help you to set the precise temperature for your hot chocolate.

The display will also give you a temperature readout while your hot chocolate is heating up;

Always know how hot your beverage is with the live temperature readout while the machine is on work.

4. Easy to clean

The entire machine disassembles to make for easy cleaning; This machine is meant to be hand washed only. DO NOT put in the dishwasher.

5. Hot chocolate maker

A hot chocolate maker allows you to make a large quantity of hot chocolate at one time; This machine will mix the beverage while it is heating up, while wil ensure that there are no clumps.



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