Floor mop


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Product parameters

Name: decontamination mop

Material: stainless steel/ABS/PP/fiber cotton

Size: barrel: 30x18cm Mop: 21x21cm

Features: hand washing/hand dehydration

Dehydration rate: 80~90%

Clean dirt separation, real hands free washing

Efficient centrifugal water throwing mop

Sewage separation, efficient and clean new experience

Save 30% water and 50% time

2.5L is economical, and three rooms and one living room are clean enough

Save water, starting from sewage separation

Care for health and keep away from bacteria on the ground

Solve the problems of family health

Separate the dirty from the clean, and always spray the mop with running water

Press the mop gently to flush and spray the mop, and the dirty water will be diverted to the sewage area


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