Electronic Timer Reminder


Kitchen Mini Electronic Timer Reminder Timer for Massage Bath Center Countdown Function Stand and Magnet Digital Study Timer



Name: Electronic timer
Size: 9.5*5*1.8cm
Material: ABS
Battery: AA Battery (Not included)
-Function introduction: 
1. This product is widely used in lunch break, study time, beauty time, kitchen, sports, calls, medication, meetings, etc.
2. This product has a countdown function, which can display minutes and seconds.
3. The countdown time can be set to 99 minutes and 59 seconds.
4. When the countdown reaches zero, the BIBI sound is about 30 seconds.
5. Button function:
【Minute】key: Minute setting key. You can press and hold this key, and after 3-5 seconds, the minute value will increase rapidly and cycle from 00-99-00.
【Second】key: second setting key. You can press and hold this key, and after 3-5 seconds, the second value will increase rapidly and cycle from 00-59-00.
【Start/Stop】key: Start or pause the countdown.
【Clear】key: Press the minute and second at the same time to clear the set timing time.
-How to use: 
1. Press the ”minute” key to adjust the required minutes.
2. Press the ”second” key to adjust the required seconds.
3. Press the ”Start/Stop” button to start timing, press again to pause; when the countdown returns to zero, the timer will sound BI-BI.
4. Press ”minutes and seconds” at the same time to reset the set value to zero, and the forward timing starts.
5. When the value returns to zero, press the ”Start/Stop” button to start the forward timing.
6. This product can be placed on the desktop with the support of a bracket, or it can be attached to the surface metal that can attract magnetism by relying on the magnet behind it.
-Battery replacement: 
When the screen display becomes blurred or the sound becomes abnormal, the battery voltage is low, and the battery needs to be changed to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
Please follow the steps below:
1. The battery cover is pushed out to open, open the battery cover and take out the old battery.
2. Wipe both sides of the new battery with a dry cloth, pay attention to distinguish the positive and negative poles, and put them into the machine.
3. Put the battery cover on and snap it tightly.
4. Use AA batteries. (Not included)


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