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About this item

【Use anywhere, anytime without restriction】handheld mixer is designed with USB charging, allowing you to bake and make food free from outlets and power cords. Realize the freedom of baking and making venue. You can freely whisk egg whites, whip cream, stir coffee, stir milk and soups. Thus, the rechargeable cordless electric mixer can also be used at camping and picnics, taking it with you anywhere and using it everywhere.

【Powerful motor and three speed control】 Cordless handheld blender with built-in copper motor, heat dissipation is much better than ordinary motor, and the service life is at least 200% longer than the same type of products. Three adjustable speeds to achieve the ideal frothing effect for different liquids (milk, coffee, chocolate, juice, eggs, etc.), running quite smoothly and quietly, allowing you to finish various recipes easily and quickly.

【High Quality Material】Cordless handheld blender is made of high temperature resistant non-slip matte plastic. It is sturdy and durable. Two different models of mixing head are made of 304 stainless steel, very easy to disassemble and replace the mixing head

【Lightweight and comfortable to use】Cordless handheld blender provides you with the lightest device (only 310g). The ergonomic structure is perfect for one-handed operation, freeing your hands from long hours of operation. Even children and the elderly can easily use it.

【Easy to clean】 Separate the stainless steel whisk from the mixer when cleaning. The stainless steel mixer can be cleaned under warm water or immersed in detergent. Please note that the electric mixer cannot be immersed in water, so please wipe it clean with a towel or sponge.


Product Name: Rechargeable Egg Beater
Product color: white, gray, pink
Material: 304 stainless steel + ABS
Battery type: 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Output current: 5V
Output voltage: 1A
Output power: 20W
Motor speed: 18000 rpm
Gear output: low gear, medium gear, high gear
Specifications: body length 10.7cmx4cmx13.7cm
Long stirring head: 18cmx11cmx5cm;
Round stirring head: 17.2cmx6.5cmx5cm

Package includes

Egg beater body X1
Mixing head × 2
USB charging cable × 1


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