Deep Cleaning Mop


Household Deep Cleaning Mop Lightweight Squeeze Floor Mop Water Absorption Wet and Dry Wear-resistant for Automatic Door Corner


Household Floor Cleaning Mop Lightweight Deep Cleaning Mop Water Absorption Wet and Dry Wear-resistant for Automatic Door Corner
1. Upgraded Design: The upgraded sponge mop features a cotton head that easily removes dirt and debris, making it both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The combination of a sponge mop and cotton head provides an effective cleaning solution that’s also visually appealing.
2. Self-contained Cleaning Solution: Equipped with its own cleaning solution, the mop head rotates 360 degrees and doesn’t harden over time. The self-contained cleaning solution ensures that the mop head remains moist and flexible during use, preventing it from drying out or becoming brittle.
3. Hands-free Standing Storage: The mop head can be stored upright without needing to touch it, providing a hygienic and convenient storage solution. With its hands-free standing design, this mop can be stored in any corner of your home without requiring extra space or causing inconvenience.
4. Groove Design for Thorough Cleaning: The groove design allows for residue-free cleaning and effectively absorbs hair, dust, and other particles. The mop head’s grooves help to remove even the most stubborn dirt, ensuring that your floors are left sparkling clean.
5. Easy-to-use Double-sided Squeezing Mechanism: The double-sided squeezing mechanism provides a quick and efficient way to wring out excess water, making it easier than ever to clean your floors. Thanks to its unique double-sided squeezing mechanism, this mop is faster and more efficient than traditional mops, ensuring that your floors dry quickly.

Origin: Mainland China
Size: About 132x32x5cm/5.19×1.25×0.19inch
Material: ABS/PP
A: 1 x Cloth
B: 1 x Mop+2 x Cloth
C: 1 x Mop+3 x Cloth


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