Air Fryer 6L


Smart Electric Air Fryer 6L 4.5L Automatic Large Capacity Without Oil Household Multi 360°Baking LED Touchscreen Deep Fryer



1. Oil free air fryer, healthier diet
2. Large capacity, 10 chicken wings can be put at a time
3. High power, fast heating without preheating
4. Multi functional food: French fries, fried chicken, grilled fish, pizza, steak, chicken wings and other foods
5. When the pot is taken out, it is automatically powered off for protection, making it safer to use
6. Food grade non stick coating, easy to clean

Capacity: 4.5L, 6L
Power: 4.5L (1200W), 6L (1350W)
Size: 4.5L (22 * 22 * 27cm), 6L (26 * 26 * 30cm)

Product List:
Air Fryer X 1
Instructions X 1
Recipes X 1
Oil separator tray X1




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