360 Rotation Shower


360 Rotation Faucet Kitchen Household Shower Tap Water Universal Connector Extender Rotary Water Purifier To Filter Water




Style: Modern Simplicity

Color: pink, blue, green, black, red

Features: splash-proof, filtering

Material: three generations of stone calcium sulfite

Second generation stone


1. Active mineral filtration, rotating water blocking bid farewell to splashing water troubles

2. Rotate up and down 360 degrees to make it easy to wash and clean healthily.

3. Say goodbye to the fixed water outlet direction, multi-angle rotation, shower shape water is more economical, and cleaning is more comprehensive

4. retractable, not hindered by the angle, cleaning more convenient

5. Say goodbye to splash water troubles, splash nozzle

6. Strong momentum mode, fast decontamination, large contact area, items rinse faster and cleaner

7. buckle design, a variety of faucet application, a wide range of installation

8.pp sleeve, small detail design, convenient life, worry and effort

Package Included:

1 * Water Purifier


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